ClariQuest: Retreat - Restore - Resiliance

Spiritual Coaching - So Now What?

Shamanic Wellness Sessions and Readings can provide an awareness of those unseen things that may be a barrier to to your decisive action, spiritual progression, peace, harmony and optimal wellness. Once the session is over many ask  So Now What ? Spiritual Coaching provides an answer to the question.

Starting with that which has been identified by you to be the most important and centered in the reality of who you are in your soul essence, an amazing person of LIGHT and LOVE, you will be supported as you:

  • Work through a 3-step process to assist you in further clarifying that which is affecting you;
  • Find your power within the situation; and
  • Discover a way to quickly come back into  your power when life throws you off center by creating you a personal mandala to use as a life compass.

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