ClariQuest: Retreat - Restore - Resiliance

Shamans know that when we are diminished by disharmony, when we suffered a major traumatic hit, or when we are in a state ofstress, anxiety or fear we are susceptible to illness. Shamans bridge compassionate Spirit Healers to remove those spiritual roots.

Shamanic Healing

Spirit Medicine

Make Shamanic Healing Part of your Wellness Practice

Your optimal wellness is as a result of balance between the physical, energetic and spirit.

"Powerful! I found relief." Kathy 

"I recommend her (Vicki) to all of my friends who are seeking healing; as she is deeply spiritual and an accomplished, skillful Shamanic Healer." Hal

  • Are you unable to love or receive love from another?
  • Has life lost it's meaning or have you lost an important connection in your life?
  • Do you live with a chronic sense of fear, anxiety or excessive worry?
  • Have you ever had an experience after which you felt "you lost a piece" of yourself when that (trauma) happened; or "I've not been the same since.?"
  • Do you behave in ways that do not make sense, yet the behavior continues?
  • Are you chronically depressed, negative or addicted?

Then a Shamanic Healing Session may work for you.

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