ClariQuest, featuring Vicki Lee, CM, MA provides support for your journey.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Clari - means clean and uncluttered without distractions or confusion.

Quest -  is all about seeking something important with clarity.

Retreat - Step back with a breath, a moment, an hour, a day.

Restore -Locate yourself in your circle and identify the actions needed BY YOU to regain your center, your strength, good humor, peace, love, etc.

Resilience - Bounce or spring back into shape or position after being stretched, bent, or especially compresses.

Choose from Shamanic Healing Sessions, connect with a loved one whose made the transition via a *readingwith a NSAC Certified and seasoned psychic/medium, attend aclass,or obtain spiritual coaching  with an emphasis on trauma healing, conflict transformation and peace making.

*ediums share what they receive in readings; connection with a  specific loved one is never guaranteed.


Vicki Lee is an expert in Spirit Communication. She is an accomplished psychic, a Certified Medium with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, a proven Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Author and Teacher. Add to this a Masters in Conflict Transformation /Trauma Healing with over two decades of increasingly complex continuing education translated into service, Vicki Lee is a professional you can trust. If looking to make Shamanic Healing part of your wellness practice, find what may be affecting you on the earth plane, communicate with a loved one in spirit, or develop your skills in spirit communication, go no further; you’ve landed.

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ClariQuest: Retreat - Restore - Resiliance